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Little Joe's Kennel Dog Contract

This is the contract we use for all our puppies.


13687 CR 20

Dunkirk, Ohio 45836


Tel: 419-759-3997



Little Joe’s Kennel Sale Contract:


        1.     If for any reason, buyer can no longer keep puppy, buyer agrees to return puppy

to breeder.  No transfer of ownership will take place without notifying breeder and

having written consent.


        2.     Buyer agrees to take puppy to reputable vet to be examined within fourteens days

of purchase.  If at this time the health of the dog is unsatisfactory, buyer must notify

breeder and provide a written statement from the vet. Buyer must return dog to breeder

promptly and breeder agrees to replace puppy or refund the buyer’s purchase price.


3.     Puppy will be a family pet, never to be left unattended outside.


4.     Buyer agrees to use the kennel prefix “Little Joe’s” in puppy’s registered name.


5.     Breeder guarantees puppy until 1 year of age against genetic life threatening conditions. 

             In the event of unsatisfactory genetic health conditions:   

    • notify breeder 
    • submit evaluations to be seen by breeders vet. (vets cost at buyers expense)
    • breeder reserves right to have dog examined by vet of breeders choice 
    • if dog is euthanized, both the breeder’s and owner’s vet must agree, and     euthanasia is at buyer’s expense
    1. breeder agrees to replace puppy of equal quality at breeder’s convenience.


  1. Buyer agrees to follow up with vaccines, heartworm testing, and proper veterinary care.


  1. Dog shall not be used for breeding purposes unless otherwise specified.


  1. If breeder suspects or proves severe neglect, breeder will take possession of puppy immediately.



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